Trying something new — Weekly Thoughts

Sarah Tavel
1 min readJan 4, 2023

I am so going to regret putting “weekly” in the title here. But this year, in the spirit of new year resolutions, I’d love to try something new.

Every year, I wish I wrote more. I don’t actually like writing (I am a slow painful writer), but as the saying goes, I love having written.

That process of taking the wisps of thoughts in your brain, pulling the threads, and ultimately untangling them can be so painful and yet so productive. It forces you to synthesize, simplify, and ultimately to learn, both from the process of writing itself, and for me, from comments and reactions from you reading.

And so this year, I want to do more of it. The aspiration is weekly, though this post may end up being an artifact of my failure to sustain my new year resolutions :).

I’ve imported any subscribers from my “Rougher Thoughts” substack, so if you are wondering why you are getting this, that’s why. I won’t be offended if you unsubscribe.

I’ll continue to compile any more foundational pieces in my “frameworks” post pinned to the top.

p.s. I am not above using ChatGPT to cover for me on a busy week :).



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