Saving People Money, Fintech Edition

This past February, I wrote a post outlining my belief that a sure path to building an enduring, multi-billion dollar business was to build a “10x product, and save people money.”

Over the past six months, I’ve been exploring how “saving people money” extends beyond how we spend money, but also how we manage our money (or for many of us, our debts).

I pulled some research and thinking together in the deck below, which I presented at Greylock’s annual LP meeting this past summer. In it, I outline why I think Americans, particularly young Americans (uh-oh, the dreaded buzzword: millennials!), have a burning need for new financial products, and why the timing is ripe for a new generation of startups.

As always, these thoughts are evolving so if you have any comments / thoughts / ideas, I’m all ears (and reachable via email at tavel at greylock dot com).

Follow me on Twitter @sarahtavel.

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