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  • Jeff Booth

    Jeff Booth

    Entrepreneur, Technology Leader, Author of The Price of Tomorrow — Why Deflation Is the Key to an Abundant Future (http://thepriceoftomorrow.com)

  • Kate Brennan

    Kate Brennan

    Stripe| Sonder| Square| SurveyMonkey| Samasource| Stanford| Shamrock| JPMorgan. Passionate about building product teams to deliver incredible experiences.

  • Gavin Baker

    Gavin Baker

    Founder, CIO & Managing Partner, Atreides Management LP. Former Portfolio Manager, Fidelity OTC Fund. No investment advice, views his own. More: gavinbaker.net

  • Bo Shao

    Bo Shao

    Grew up in China. Math got me into Harvard. Became an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. Interested in self development, awakening, and compassion.

  • Cat Lee

    Cat Lee

  • Blake Robbins

    Blake Robbins

    VC @ludlowventures. cautiously optimistic. previously at Google, Nest, and SpaceX.

  • Arjun Balaji

    Arjun Balaji

    professional risk taker. enjoy: markets, watches, meta-twitter, and documentaries. open-sourcing my thinking

  • Yi Sun

    Yi Sun

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