All the cool kids are doing it

I started blogging December 2006 on I was 6 months into a VC Analyst gig at Bessemer Venture Partners, and it scratched the maker itch I had. I had no idea what it’d become — all the people I’d meet, the ideas I’d synthesize, the great outlet it’d be. I’m so happy I started blogging, and would love to get back to it.

Still, I’m told my blogger set-up is vintage, maybe? That’s probably the nicest way of describing it. Apparently all the cool kids are on Medium. As a lifelong nerd, I do what I can to follow the cool kids’ lead. And so I’m going to give this Medium thing a try.

Hugs to Adventurista. You’ve been good to me.

native new yorker, SF-resident. general partner @benchmark. formerly product @Pinterest. originally blogging at

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