13 years ago today, I started blogging. It’s a special feeling to read that first post and reflect both on how important blogging has been to me the last 13 years, and how much has changed.

When I started blogging, I was an Analyst cold-calling SaaS startups at Bessemer Venture Partners. Google Reader was ascendant — I hadn’t even joined Twitter yet. Venture was small, clubby, embarrassingly male (hence me being the only woman in a firm of 30), and still relatively under the radar.

Obviously a lot has changed. Interestingly, of all things that I feel right now, the one I find myself contemplating is something that’s unappreciated in my post, which is how easy it felt to press “publish” back then.

I’d like to find that ease again, and so I’m going to follow the legion of other VCs into newsletterville with what I’ll call “Rougher Thoughts”. You can sign up for mine here: Rougher Thoughts*

I’ll still be publishing things on Medium, but expect (hope) to publish more to the smaller group.

We’ll see how it goes. All I know is that in 2020, I resolve to write more and learn more in public. I get so much out of it — I love doing it. I miss doing it. I haven’t done enough of it for the last couple years. Hold me accountable :).

*I originally started with a Substack, which I was excited about, assuming there would be an email-only option. I can’t find it, so I’m moving this to Revue for the time being!

native new yorker, SF-resident. general partner @benchmark. formerly product @Pinterest. originally blogging at www.adventurista.com.

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